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Being the father of Fast Lane Daily, I have a  warm place in my heart for the daily automotive new and review show. It has grown into somewhat of an internet empire since Alan, Ian, Linsey, Derek, and myself started it back in 2007.  

I remember the casting day like it was yesterday. Derek D was the first person who tried out for the show. Frankly I didn’t exactly love him, but in the end he was the fan favorite and stood the test of time. My favorite hopeful host was a Russian woman who could read English but not speak it. She read the cue cards and did the entire episode in Russian. It was epic. Since that time I’ve moved onto other things but my baby has continued to thrive.  Fast forward seven years later to when I ran into my old crew at the New York Auto Show.  Seeing Derek, Tom, and Alan there was a flashback to those days of early morning interviews and antics with the booth professionals. Tom, Fast Lane’s current and most professional leader, asked if he could come to the shop to interview Jim and check out the cars. While unfortunately Derek D and my Russian friend could not make an appearance, the episode is nothing short of excellent. I hope you all enjoy it!

-Gene Sanchez Leeds

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